One Dish Is Never Enough

rule # 3 – always order one extra dish at a restaurant, an unfamiliar one. you might like it which would be splendid. if you don’t like it, all you’ve lost is a couple of bucks. the exercise of curiosity requires a risk, a sacrifice, a commitment.


that is one of the rules among J. Peterson book “12 rules of life”. i love how it captures my way of living without me even realizing what i was doing.



whenever i enter a new coffee shop, an interrogatory with the barista always awaits. i never ever order a dish off the menu without having the waiter spill the truth about their own favourite dish, and their must-haves in the restaurant. i like to ask businesses about their specialities. i want to know what they offer that no other places have. that’s just me.

when Malcom Gladwell announced that rule # 3 from Peterson out loud in his Revisionist History podcast, it gave me goosebumps. this is how i have been living my whole life. that idea is not only applicable on a culinary level, but is actually pertinent in every single aspect of our lives. stagnation does not light up anything. life has so much to offer.

one of my observations on the essence of who we are is that we become someone through challenges.

newborns have absolutely no track records of what they like to eat. the parents usually set an ideal menu for their growth. then with years, their taste evolves based on the environment they have been exposed to. if no one ate pineapple around, chances are the older version will not long for a piña colada on a cancun trip. you crave pasta sometimes? of course you do because you got rooted by the taste of spaghetti mixed with tomato sauce from your childhood meals. you ate it, you got used to it, you liked it and you want it again. no one was ever born loving fries. it is an acquired taste. a taste that grew because we tried it first. but why did we stop trying for more? because the list was limited, but you don’t have to stop, no, never.

most of the things we like now happened by succession, and it never hurts to diverge and built your own personality.

when you go out next time and see something unfamiliar like durian or stinky tofu, think about me and order it. visit Jaipur. swim with turtles. go tricycle racing. drink some 40 years rice wine. try marmite on a toast. i know it is hard to let go the sweet comfort zone, that is why the rule suggests you actually get the one you love, but also do not omit being open minded.

switch it up, and discover more about yourself.

no regrets, only lessons.


mica ❤


Introductory Post


how can i begin? i mean, i am a Gemini. our brains are going left and right non-stop. it was a matter of time that I opened up a personal blog in my mid-twenties.

in fact, this is not my first time starting up a blog, i have a solid 10 years of history being a digitalite (word I made up which means socialite of the digital world). from Bebo, Hi5, Skyrock (French platform), MySpace, a proud early adopter of Facebook and Twitter, i am at this point where I need to document my life again. Everything comes into place when i write. this time not only to express myself, but also to potentially help you. i love writing, experiencing new things, and from what people say, it looks like i love life. what if you can benefit from it too? it might entertain you, help you find what you are looking for, you can relate to my stories, and so on. all I see is a win/win situation!

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when you open a blog, the first advice someone would give you is to have a niche. i find it very interesting because imagine someone told you you could only live your life in one colour, how would that feel? i know it is different, a single niche is great to reach your target, thus maximize the impact, but it never hurts to show all the colours you are made of 🙂 life would be extremely bland if we only had tacos. i want to try the dim sum, poutine, doughnuts, couscous, IKEA meatballs, attiéké… you got it, i want to try it all, and i might love them all… here expect the unexpected. my hobbies are way too vast to focus in one niche only, so as you might have already guessed, each one of my interests will be documented on this online dimension. you won’t only see fitness, you will see a bit of everything such as food, writings and so much more. i can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you!


mica ❤